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PAM Group Acquires Computing Plus Limited


As of April 2018 PAM Group, a UK leading occupational health and wellbeing services provider, has acquired Computing Plus Limited. This acquisition allows Computing Plus to provide the same great service and competitive pricing that customers have come to appreciate but will allow Computing Plus to expand its product offering to PAM Group customers in the future. 

The acquisition is a coming together of two similar companies that share the same values of:

ü  Putting customer service first

ü  Providing value for money

The new ownership will offer customers a greater opportunity for the purchase of ergonomic equipment, DSE Services and other related occupational health and wellbeing services.

Computing Plus will now have a greater capacity for delivery of its products and services and the expansion to customers throughout the UK. For sales enquiries please call 08081 699900 and 01993 881912 or email

Our chairs fit you.


Ergonomic Work Chairs benefit and offer improvement in comfort and productivity in a huge number of ways. Our range of exceptional designs and styles are ideal for any individual or organization whereby sitting for long periods of time, for example a call centre or control room, is a necessity to your job role. 

Depending on the type of work chair that you purchase, each boasts a unique design and style, but all Ergonomic Work Chairs have adjustable features that accommodate to your individual needs.

Ergo Massager Workchair Xtreme Fabric

Our Ergonomic Work Chairs offer ergonomically contoured seat cushions for extra comfort and support. With our premium Work Chair selection, additional to the contoured seating is the seat cushion length adjuster. This function is adjustable by 50mm to suit a wide range of users.

Other features ensuring comfort for the user, and that can be seen in our ergonomic chairs are: back rest angle adjustment (synchronized, independent or synchronized with independent seat back rake control), seat tilt adjustment, inflatable lumbar support, tip-up arm rests and tilt rocker control with adjustable tension. The anatomy of our ergonomic chairs adjust to your requirements in a number of ways which is not seen in ordinary office chairs. This is an extremely important feature. Having the ability to alter your posture reduces muscle tension and fatigue, plus helps to restore blood circulation.

Computing Plus also offer work chairs with specific functions: Ergo Massager Work Chair and ES Air Comfort System ACS. Massager helps to alleviate stress and aches through its 6 massage or vibration zones, and high or low lumbar heat. The ES Air provides 6 adjustable airbags allowing you to give yourself support exactly where you need it.

The length of the backrest varies throughout our Ergonomic Work Chair range. Responding to the demands of your job and personal preference, we have chairs offering extra high back rests to medium height backrests. With all our chairs, the backrest is adjustable enabling you to support your back exactly where you need it, fitting the natural curvature of your spine. This feature eliminates tension, allowing your body to relax.

Being one of the most important pieces of office furniture, we have designed our Work Chairs so that they are right for the job and for you. Take time to look through our selection of ergonomic chairs, and if you have any questions or are interested in testing a particular chair, please contact us.


What’s the point of an Ergonomic Mouse?


Comfort and health is what should come to mind when you think of office work. Working in the office can involve repetitive movements and at times, unnatural positions. This is particularly applicable when it comes to handling a traditional mouse.

The shape of a conventional mouse is not designed or focused on the user or task at hand. Its shape is standard and for universal use. If you use a traditional mouse frequently, and feel a strain whilst doing so, this can be due to the sideways bending of the wrist or working with your palm facing the floor. This unnatural position and repetitive use of the same muscles could lead to RSI.

If using a mouse is a necessity for your line of work, you will not be able to limit your use. However, if you feel a strain or pain, this is a situation you should address, and the sooner the better.

Matching the work to the worker

Ergonomic mouse serve to synchronise your work station to your requirements. Designed with focus on the type of work and the human physiology, each ergonomic mouse differs, with innovative features complimenting the natural position of your hand, your needs and also operating preference. 

When it comes to choosing alternatives to the traditional shaped mouse, we recommend product evaluation trials. At Computing Plus, and we are happy to work with you to make sure that you invest in office accessories that are best suited to you. Offering a vast selection of Ergonomic Mouse, read through the product details here, or ring us if you have any further questions regarding the features or for product testing. We stock a range of market leading vertical ergonomic mice, including new Evoluent 4 VerticalMouse which is available in right handed, wireless option, left handed, and regular or small sizes.

Remember, investing in an Ergonomic Mouse is the solution, but there are a couple things that you can do as well. To keep a natural position, make sure that the mouse is situated to one side of your desk. Similarly, make sure it’s not too far away which will prevent you leaning to one side.

Top 4 Advantages to Introducing Ergonomic Furniture into Your Office

Jon Ellard -

At Computing Plus we have long since established ourselves as a top supplier of ergonomic furniture. Over the many years that we have been supplying ergonomic office solutions, the industry has changed and evolved. New research and industry innovations mean that ergonomic solutions are now better than ever before.

We have compiled a list of the top four advantages to having ergonomic innovations in your office. 

Increase Comfort and productivity

Being more comfortable in the work place is an advantage that cannot be overstated. Ergonomic furniture is designed to work with the human body to provide a comfortable and productive office environment.

Studies have shown that companies who have invested in ergonomic work stations experience a significant rise in productivity and engagement from their staff. This is because worker comfort directly affects operational efficiency and well-being, it improves job satisfaction, influences retention, and create a happier, more motivational work environment.

Adjustable features.

Many of our ergonomic office products have adjustable features. Each and every person is unique and has different needs. This means that a one size fits all workstation is a false economy and could actually be harmful to your colleagues. Investing in adjustable office furniture and can adapt to the individual is a sure way of ensuring your staff are healthy, happy, and continually motivated.

A healthier office environment

Building a healthier office environment is a huge advantage that is offered by ergonomic office furniture. Office work, particularly of a repetitive nature, can cause health issues. Even something as simple as sitting at your desk can be harmful to the average office worker. Poor set up can cause issues such as back discomfort, circulation restrictions, and carpel tunnel syndrome. Computing Plus stock a range of products that can help avoid these issues.

Professional values

When walking into an office nothing looks more impressive or professional than having state of the art equipment. Investing in the best technology will show that you have a forward thinking company that values its staff and visitors, proving that you mean business.

To see for yourself what products we can offer, why not take a look around our product pages?  Or to learn a bit more about us please feel free to visit the about us page.

Computing Plus Sponsors Metropolitan Police Rugby Team


Metropolitan Police Service Territorial Support Group (TSG) Rugby Team sponsored by Computing Plus

Computing Plus continues to support the Police Forces throughout the UK and has recently sponsored the Metropolitan Police Tactical Support Group, One Area Rugby Team.

Sporting their new Rugby Strip with Computing Plus new Branding and Colours the Metropolitan Police TSG Area One had their first game against the recently renamed National Crime Agency, NCA (formerly the Serious Organised Crime Agency). The hard fought game was part of the Metropolitan Police Commissioners Cup played at Imber Court, Richmond, Surrey.

The Commissioner’s Cup is an annual charity rugby match bringing together teams from both the Police and Civil Service from all over the country.. This year the Charities chosen were the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Embrace CVOC a charity supporting children across the UK who have been a victim of or traumatised by a criminal offence.

Computing Plus supply ergonomic workplace solutions for Police Forces throughout the UK offices, hospitals, educational establishments. Many Police Force Control Room Arrangements and other Emergency Services use Reach4 Monitor Arm Screen Mounting Solutions where individual or multiple screens are required for demanding 24 hour 7 day a week operation is required. 

Access Magazine: Disability Guide for Jobs Leisure and Care


Achieving a comfortable workstation arrangement, be it in the workplace or at home, is something that's increasingly important to many. 

Computing Plus is a company located near Oxford that supplies a wide variety of workstation accessories, height adjustable desks and seating to suit many different users.

The photo featured was of the ErgoRest, a forearm support that attaches to a desk and can accommodate both right and left handed users as they operate a keyboard and mouse.  For users seeking an alternative way of working at their computer, there's also the Vertical Mouse and ergonomically-shaped Comfort Keyboard.

Proper screen positioning can help prevent visual fatigue and encourage better upper back posture - something that can be achieved with the Reach4 Monitor Arm, which is compatible with a host of differently-sized LED and LCD screens, touchscreens and All in One PCs.  The Company also offers a 7-day nationwide delivery and installation service for buyers of its height adjustable sitting or standing workstations.



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