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CPU Holders

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  • CPU Holder Rotate
    Price: £65.00 ex vat £78.00 with vat
    unit pricing £
    1-4 £78.00
    5+ £70.80
    CPU Holder Rotate
    CPU Holder RotateCPU Holder Rotate

    CPU Holder Rotate

    Price: £65.00 ex vat £78.00 with vat
    unit pricing
    1-4 £78.00
    5+ £70.80
    Product Overview
    Adjustable Under-Desk CPU Holder with Rotate Bracket mounts almost any size tower CPU or Server under your desk or workstation platform. Saves valuable desk space and gets your CPU up off the floor to reduce risk of overheating by reducing dirt and dust out of your vital hardware. Avoids floor standing CPU's being an obstruction and trip hazard. Two sizes A and B are fully height and width adjustable. Sturdy steel construction supplied built and ready to adjust with Allen Key provided. The Rotate Bracket steps the CPU Holder down by 50mm to avoid under-desk rails or cross members plus enables Rotation of the CPU for easy access when fitted.
    Available in Silver or Black.

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      • Adjustable Under-desk CPU Holder to Save Desk Space and help protect your CPU from overheating and failure due to dirt and dust.
      • Supplied Assembled, Ready to Adjust with the Allen Key provided.
      • Sturdy Steel Constructions (No Straps).
      • Size A: Width Adjust 90-230mm. Height Adjusts 300-500mm or Size B: Width Adjust 60-160mm. Height Adjusts 250-450mm.
      • Rotate Bracket will avoid under-desk rails up to 50/55mm high (and 165mm deep) and offers easy access to CPU.
      • 4 x 20mm Spax Screws included.
      • Quick lock and release mechanism for install and maintenance.
      • Silver or Satin Black finish.

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