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  • Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard FJSBK
    Price: £79.00 ex vat £94.80 with vat
    unit pricing £
    Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard FJSBK
    Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard FJSBKFujitsu Butterfly Keyboard FJSBK

    Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard FJSBK

    Price: £79.00 ex vat £94.80 with vat
    unit pricing
    Product Overview
    The Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard has an Adjustable and Split Keyboard arrangement that can progressively or instantly change from being straight to a natural Delta Shape to suit every user. This enables an improved alignment of your hand to your forearm to help minimise muscular strain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in this region. With the tilting palm rests and three dimensional height adjustments this will help achieve optimum hand posture for keyboarding. The compact width of this keyboard also enables a closer mousing position.
      • Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard with Adjustable and Split Natural Delta Shape will help align your hand to forearm angle to minimise muscular strain.
      • Tilting Palm Rests and 3-Dimensional Height Adjustment.
      • Help Minimise RSI and CTS plus promote productivity.
      • Compact Width for improved Mousing position.
      • Off White Colour and USB Connectivity.

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