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  • Ergostars Saturnus Keyboard ESK
    Price: £52.95 ex vat £63.54 with vat
    unit pricing £
    Ergostars Saturnus Keyboard ESK

    Ergostars Saturnus Keyboard ESK

    Price: £52.95 ex vat £63.54 with vat
    unit pricing
    Product Overview
    Compact, slim and lightweight keyboard that combines ergonomics with full function design. Just 305mm wide x 165mm deep the Ergostars Saturnus Keyboard enables a closer mousing position on the Right or the Left than a conventional size keyboard. This offers better posture for your arm or shoulder when mousing. Being just 12mm approx thick and having its own protective pouch makes transportation convenient. USB Connectivity plus two USB ports for connecting other devices if needed.
      • Ergostars Saturnus Keyboard is a Compact, Slim Keyboard just 305W x 165D mm in size.
      • Enables closer in mousing to improve arm and shoulder posture.
      • Just 12mm thick approx.
      • Comes with its own Protective Pouch so easy to transport.
      • USB Connectivity plus USB Ports, one on each side.
      • Platinum and Grey Satin finish.

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