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Ergonomic Mouse

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  • Grip Mouse Vertical Right Handed. GPM
    Price: £24.00 ex vat £28.80 with vat
    unit pricing £
    1-4 £28.80
    5+ £27.00
    Grip Mouse Vertical Right Handed. GPM

    Grip Mouse Vertical Right Handed. GPM

    Price: £24.00 ex vat £28.80 with vat
    unit pricing
    1-4 £28.80
    5+ £27.00
    Product Overview
    Grip Mouse is an ergonomically designed Vertical Mouse that offers value for money compared with many other similar mice. By placing the wrist axis at about 45degrees to the desk surface, the forearm bones are less twisted than with a normal mouse and the circulation is improved from the forearm into the hand. Further the palm area of the hand is supported from the desk rather than resting the wrist. This can assist in reducing muscular discomfort, CTS and RSI in the hand, forearm and upper arm. Comfortable shape with 3-Button and Scroll Wheel with Silver and Black Soft Touch finish. Optical Technology with up to 800dpi and USB Connectivity. Ask for price for the wireless version

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      • Value for money Grip Mouse with Vertical Design will help reduce muscle strain and minimise onset of CTS or RSI.
      • Comfortable shape gives natural hand grip and places the wrist axis at about 45 degrees from the desk surface.
      • Provides Palm Support for the hand and helps to untwist the forearm.
      • 3 Button Scroll and Wheel to suit most hand sizes.
      • Optical Technology with resolution up to 800 dpi and USB Connectivity.
      • Also available in Wireless Models with inbuilt rechargeable battery that charges through the USB Lead provided.

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