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Ergonomic Mouse

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  • 3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM
    Price: £59.00 ex vat £70.80 with vat
    unit pricing £
    1-4 £70.80
    5+ £68.40
    3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM
    3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM
    3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM

    3M Anir Vertical Mouse. Anir-EM

    Price: £59.00 ex vat £70.80 with vat
    unit pricing
    1-4 £70.80
    5+ £68.40
    Product Overview
    Anir Vertical Ergonomic Mouse has been granted a Patent for safety. It was designed by a former carpal tunnel disorder sufferer to help eliminate discomfort in using a conventional mouse. Using the hand in the vertical plane and gripping the joystick or vertical mouse requires significantly less muscular effort. While thousands and thousands of users, numerous scientists and the US Patent Office believe Anir Vertical Mouse is a significant advance in safer design, no design protects the user who uses the product incorrectly and ignores early signs of discomfort. Anir Vertical Mouse can be used as a preventative solution or may assist sufferers to regain the use of their PC and even retain their employment and career.Available in Soft Touch Black in two sizes, for Small/Medium size hands up to 8.8cm palm width and larger size for palm widths greater than this. Choice of Wired or Wireless models giving greater freedom for users.

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    Choose a model
      • Anir Vertical Ergonomic Mouse offering hand support and places the wrist axis at 70- to 80 degrees from the desk surface to encourage good blood flow.
      • Handshake position untwist the forearm to help minimise muscle strain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RS).
      • Click Left or Right with the Thumb and Scroll with relaxed fingers for relaxed mousing.
      • Optical Sensor, USB Connectivity with plug and play.
      • Soft Touch Black finish.
      • Small Medium Size for Palm Width up to 8.8cm. Large Size for Palm Width over 8.8cm.
      • Choice of Wired or Wireless models.
      • For Right Handed Use On

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