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Desk Risers and Corner Extenders

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  • Desk Riser Blocks DR1
    Price: £12.50 ex vat £15.00 with vat
    unit pricing £
    1-4 £15.00
    5+ £14.40
    Desk Riser Blocks DR1
    Desk Riser Blocks DR1Desk Riser Blocks DR1Desk Riser Blocks DR1

    Desk Riser Blocks DR1

    Price: £12.50 ex vat £15.00 with vat
    unit pricing
    1-4 £15.00
    5+ £14.40
    Product Overview
    Fixed Height Desks or Workstations can be easily raised using Desk Riser Block DR1 that raise each foot or leg by 1" (25mm). Supplied in Sets of 4, the Desk Riser Blocks are interlocking so can be stacked up to 3 high giving 1", 2" or 3" (25mm, 50mm, or 75mm) height so you can select the number of sets required. Circular in shape with diameter of 90mm there are inset recesses into the top surface to accept various size levelling feet and is also designed to accept straight cantilever desk legs. Made from tough, durable recycled plastic in black.
      • Desk Riser Block DR1 will enable fixed height desk or workstation to be raised 1" , 2"  or 3"  (25, 50 or 75mm).
      • Supplied in sets of 4 blocks to give 1"  (25mm) adjustment to four feet.
      • Stackable 1, 2 or 3 high for each foot, 3 high is safe stacking height.
      • 90mm diameter with inset recesses to accept most levelling feet.
      • Also accepts straight cantilever desk legs.
      • Tough and Durable recycled plastic in Black.


    Review: 16-Feb-2015 02:28 PM 5 out of 5 stars

    "Good inexpensive product to solve a problem"

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